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I don't think so man, but that's my opinion. Look, I'm not loiokng to start a war in the cesspool of belligerence that overpowers LoT's comment sections just offering another perspective so everyone ready to throw the thumbs down just hold on for a New York nanosecond will ya?I think the PS3 s exclusives overshadow the XBOX's; I don't need to name them. Eventually some of the XBOX exclusives migrate over to PS3 anyway (ME2, Bioshock). BUT, I've always been a Gears of War fan. I will be buying a used 360 when this comes out, and probably go through all three games in order. I dig it that much and used to have the XBOX and miss playing GoW at times. This is not going to be a PS3 stopper though. The best way for Microsoft to become the king of sales again is to just make a better system; a new one entirely. I'm a strong believer that, if you just like playing games (which I do, because it's fun), you don't really give a shit which system is better. You're going to own both, along with a PC, to always get the best experience on multi-platforms, and get the exclusives every system has to offer (if you've got the cash of course).VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)