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1. | Jan 5, 2018
2. | Jun 18, 2014
- A-HA! Thanks to Anda.I like this post, as well as your last one SO SO much I can't even begin to explain. As I was jimman' to some music in my car yesterday and the sun was setting I thought about this and how life is so much better if we notice the things we enjoy, rather than the negatives. Thanks girl.
3. | Jun 15, 2013
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4. | Jun 12, 2013
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5. | Jun 11, 2013
May20245thegreat It's been operated like this since 1999, nothnig has changed. The operator has a unique voice, I wouldn't say funny. There are plenty of dutch operator who have funny voice too Disco smash is my favourite fair speaker company, has been around for decades, I am preffering hofman nowdays though, they seem to be less top end and more clarity focussed, so they are very loud without hurting your ears Depris and Uhlenbrook are good too, but the ultimate if the showman can afford is Bell